CUPA Advising



Welcome to the Urban, Public, and Global Affairs Advising Center in the College of Urban and Public Affairs! Advising plays an integral part of your degree progression. The PSU experience is more than just taking classes, completing assignments and finishing a degree. It is about real education and the self-knowledge that comes through deep learning—about yourself and the role you can play in the world.

The advisors, peer advisors, interns and staff in our office all truly want to support you in finding your way and defining your future. While you must take ownership of your life and move toward your objectives, we are catalysts, facilitators, and connectors. The Advising Center can be thought of as home base, a resource center and place to celebrate your accomplishments. We will both hold you accountable and applaud you.

CUPA Advising Center 
PSU Urban Center, 506 SW Mill St., Room 540