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Our Community Partner: Geneforum
Our Community Partner: Geneforum

Site Address:

1140 Timberline Drive
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Site Contact:

Greg Fowler, Executive Director
Phone: 503-636-3627

Faculty Contact:

Lisa Weasel, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Phone: 503-725-3862

Project Description:

This partnership aims to promote public participation and dialogue on issues relating to ethical aspects of new genetic science. The science of genetics is increasingly impacting people's lives, yet the public lacks tools and avenues to participate in policy and ethics dialogues on these issues. The desired goal is to promote public participation and dialogue in the arena of new genetic technologies, in particular the social and ethical ramifications of such technologies.

Project Website:

Type of Partnership: Community-based Learning Academic Course

Partnership Frequency: On-going, multi-year, multi-term partnership

Student Commitment: 15 students, 10 hours per week

Partnership Began: 1/1/2003

Partnership Ended: On-going