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Meet Melinda Hendley
Meet Melinda Hendley

Melinda Hendley has dedicated her professional career to providing support and to serving underrepresented students. Prior to moving her family to the Pacific Northwest, she worked with student athletes at Colorado State University in the Anderson Academic Center as a learning specialist. She used her expertise in helping Ram athletes develop adaptive academic strategies, tutored in specific academic content, and worked closely with administrative and athletic department staff to create an environment where athletes could thrive academically.

She also worked with student athletes at the University of Arizona, as an academic coach on the staff of the CATS Academics department. At CATS, she was assigned first year football players who were special admits, deemed so because of their low preparation for college-level academic work. In her work at Arizona, she helped students develop a variety of academic and study skills, encouraged adaptive study habits, and helped students build more constructive academic identities.

When Melinda and her husband relocated to Berkeley for graduate school, she worked for five years in the Registrar’s Office at the University of California, Berkeley. At UCB she worked briefly in the Transcripts/Verifications Unit then was promoted to be the Administrative Analyst in charge of running the DARS Project on campus. She was responsible for all the encoding of undergraduate programs on campus and training all the undergraduate academic advisors on how to utilize DARS in advising sessions.

Prior to moving to Berkeley, she was a classroom teacher in Los Angeles Unified School District working with ESL students and students with a variety of disabilities that may impact their learning and academic experiences.

Melinda earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona, with a major in Sociology and a minor in Women's Studies. She continued her education at the University of California, Berkeley where she earned a Master of Education in Cal's unique Athletes and Academic Achievement program, focusing on the efficacy of athletic department-based academic support programs for collegiate athletes. She furthered her education at Northern Arizona University, where she earned a Master of Education in Special Education with a Cross Categorical emphasis.