What is VOZ ALTA?

VOZ ALTA is a storytelling project that features the persnal lives of Portland's Latino community through interwoven narrative and live music. This bicultural production features narratives written in English with songs performed in Spanish. 

How can I learn more about attending a performance?

Visit the VOZ ALTA webpage



Gathering Space, Building Community (MENASA)

Students at the Grand Opening of the Newest Cultural Resource Centers

What is Gathering Space, Building Community?

Gathering Space: Building Community, a Cultural Resource Centers growth program, aims to recognize the depth and breadth of our work. Our activities extend well beyond creating space for studying or relaxing. We impact all aspects of retention, persistence, and graduation for our students; create meaningful community connections; and foster authentic environments for coalition building.


Students at a Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian Initiative event

What Initiatives does this include?

The Gathering Space, Building Community program includes the Middle Eastern/North African/South Asian (MENASA) Initiative, the opening of the Pan-African Commons and the Pacific Islander, Asian & Asian American Student Center, and other projects. 


Students at the Grand Opening of the newest Cultural Resource Centers

How can I get involved and learn more?

Visit the Gathering Space, Building Community webpage


Multicultural Graduation

Graduates at Multicultural Graduation

What is Multicultural Graduation?

Multicultural Graduation is an annual Portland State University Cultural Resource Centers ceremony that honors diversity and celebrates cultural traditions by creating a student-centered inclusive space to celebrate the graduation of multicultural students. The ceremony includes student speakers, a keynote speaker, and a post-ceremony dessert mixer. Multicultural Graduation is DIFFERENT than PSU's Commencement. 

Graduates at Multicultural Graduation

Who participates?

Often, students who frequent the Cultural Resource Centers, our events, or use services from Diversity & Multicultural Student Services and International Student Services participate in this ceremony. However, any student graduating within the calendar year can participate - graduate students included. Please note, space is limited. 

Graduates at Multicultural Graduation

How can I register and learn more?

Visit the Multicultural Graduation webpage