Robert W. Lockwood, J.D.

Robert LockwoodProfessor Emeritus

Criminology & Criminal Justice

550 Urban Center Building



J.D., University of Oregon
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Kalamazoo College

Professor Robert Lockwood earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Oregon School of Law and worked as a criminal defense attorney at the Metropolitan Public Defender Office. Since Professor Lockwood joined the CCJ faculty at Portland State University, he has served as the primary pre-law advisor for undergraduate students interested in going on to law school and for two decades has served as PSU’s NCAA faculty athletic representative in support of student athletes.  

Professor Lockwood’s primary teaching interests relate to criminal procedure and criminal law, particularly the role of formal and informal processes in Supreme Court decision-making and the implementation of court decisions in criminal justice practice. He also has a strong interest in mental health law in criminal justice settings, especially as it relates to involuntary civil commitments. He has also studied the intersection of criminal law and medical negligence case decisions over time. Professor Lockwood has been selected to receive the College of Urban and Public Affairs teaching award several times, an award given annually based on student nominations. 


Professor Lockwood usually teaches the following courses (subject to change)

CCJ 310 American Courts (fully online program) – Winter term
CCJ 410 Courts in TV, Movies, & Literature (campus program) – Spring term

Students in Professor Lockwood’s prior classes note the following about his teaching: 

“Professor Lockwood is amazing! He is always monitoring the discussions boards and responds before any of the other facilitators. He brings some much knowledge to his courses and has a way of peaking your interest and drawing you into the class. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter is contagious. While his classes are a little more challenging than others, they sure are worth it. I’ve learned so much from both of his classes.”


“Professor Lockwood is an amazing instructor. He is actively engaged with the students and makes the learning experience both challenging and exciting. It’s evident in his teaching that he is passionate about the law and criminal justice. This passion shines through and makes the learning experience fun. He utilizes tools, books, and other reading material that I could relate to. I have retained more from his classes because the assignments are thoroughly thought out and are applicable for today. Also, Dr. Lockwood is approachable, open to questions, and gives valuable feedback on assignments.”