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Meet Theresa Mau
Meet Theresa Mau

Theresa Mau is a graduating senior from Portland, Oregon, heading to the biomedical graduate program at University of Michigan. Her senior thesis research has made her the first person in the world to sequence spider tRNA.

Theresa's Story

“I enrolled in University Honors because I thought it would be a good challenge. I had no idea what I signed up for or what to expect. Honor’s classes are so different from the regular classes. The funniest example is the very first comment page I got back from my first professor. It was three pages long, single-spaced. This is the awesome thing about the Honors program: The feedback is one on one. So you really establish this insightful relationship between you and the professor in terms of looking at your skills and your writing and the topic you choose. That was scary at first, but those were the best comments I’ve ever had. I’m starting at University of Michigan Medical School in the fall, to get my Ph.D. in immunology. I think Honors really prepared me to go into a doctorate program. Honors excels at fostering independent learners. They don’t want to drag you by the hand. They’ll give you a helping hand when you need, and then they’ll let go when they see fit.”