Online Minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice

Program Description

Students who are majoring in other fields at PSU have the opportunity to add Criminology & Criminal Justice as a minor. This foundation is a professional advantage for students seeking a career in a discipline that interfaces regularly with criminal justice agencies, crime prevention organizations, and special populations, such as crime victims, at-risk youth, parole and probation populations, and populations with mental health and substance use disorders. The CCJ minor is also a valuable addition for students majoring in fields that focus on addressing and solving problems at a community, national or international level. In fact, crime and justice issues arise in different ways in virtually all fields of employment. A CCJ minor helps students prepare for their career, no matter what major they choose.

Degree Requirements

A minor in CCJ requires 32 credits in CCJ coursework. All classes used to satisfy CCJ minor requirements, whether taken at PSU or elsewhere, must be passed with a grade of "C" (2.00 GPA) or above. Students can transfer up to 20 credits from a regionally accredited college or university toward the CCJ minor requirements. Students seeking a minor in CCJ complete courses in three distinct categories (this is in addition to meeting other University and major requirements):

Required Courses (12 credit hours)

These three courses provide students with foundational knowledge and skills related to the field of Criminology & Criminal Justice.

  • CCJ 300 Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 320 Theories of Crime
  • CCJ 330 Crime Control Strategies

Specialization Courses (4 credit hours)

  • CCJ 301 Policing in America
  • CCJ 303 Punishment and Corrections
  • CCJ 310 American Courts

Elective Courses (16 credit hours)

Any CCJ course not used to satisfy the above requirements counts as an elective. A minimum of 8 of the 16 credits must be taken at the upper division level. Upper division (UD) courses are listed in the range from 300 to 499.

Visit CCJ Online course page for course descriptions and CCJ Online course calendar.

Getting Started and Getting Help

Enrollment Advisor Chelsey Huff is here to help! Chelsey works with prospective students exploring the CCJ Online program options, incoming students who have started the PSU application process, and new CCJ Online students to get ready for their first term. Chelsey can answer a wide variety of questions about admissions requirements, transfer credits, financial aid, CCJ course content, career opportunities, PSU resources, and more. Contact CCJ Online's Enrollment Advisor by emailing

Visit the CCJO Advising Center for more information.


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