Laurie Collins-Levy, J.D.

Laurie Collins-LevyAdjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice



B.A., Government, Lehigh University, 1979
J.D., Emory University School of Law, 1982

Laurie Collins-Levy is a native of Miami, Florida where she has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1982. She was a prosecutor in Miami for over three years and served as a Police Legal Advisor, Supervising Police Legal Advisor, and Executive Assistant in Police Services at the Miami-Dade Police Department for 27 years. Laurie served on many state committees such as Domestic Violence and Taser Use and was also the President of the Florida Association of Police Attorneys. She retired in 2013 and moved to Portland, which she absolutely loves!

Laurie became a member of the Washington State Bar in 2014 and has also been teaching at Washington State University Vancouver. She has taught classes in Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Theories, Introduction to Policing, Crime Control Policies, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Realizing Justice in a Multicultural Society. She enjoys introducing her students to the practitioner's view of the criminal justice system.


Laurie usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 365U Criminology & Social Justice (campus program
CCJ 320U Theories of Crime & Justice (campus program