Larry Bennett, M.B.A.

Larry Bennett, M.BA.Adjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice



M.B.A., George Fox University, 2011
B.S., Portland State University, 1999

After earning his Bachelors degree at Portland State and serving in the United States Navy, Larry Bennett began his criminal justice career as a Psychometrician with the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) in 2000. Since that time he has held a variety of positions both within adult correctional facilities and on the parole and probation side of the correctional system. In 2009 he began work on his masters degree at George Fox University and moved into management roles within ODOC, eventually serving as Offender Assessment Manager, Intake Operations Manager and Offender Intake Administrator. Larry began in his current role as Deputy Assistant Director with the Community Corrections Division in 2014.

Larry has been teaching with the Criminology & Criminal Department at Portland State since the Fall of 2013.


Larry usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 240 Punishment & Corrections (campus program

Students in Larry Bennett’s prior classes note the following about his teaching: 

“Professor Larry Bennet taught Punishment and Corrections class so well that it actually opened my mind up to a possible career in corrections. He is a passionate teacher who encourages his students to be engaged. After taking his class, I have gained a new perspective on the prison industrial complex as a whole.”


“Larry Bennett is a very laid back professor, which creates a calm learning environment. He is respectful of every student's background and willing to adapt to different learning styles. He offers space for every student to speak up and engage in the course material. What he decides to present during lecture is very important for students. His firsthand experience with inmates is always interesting to hear about; when asked, Larry is able to work his daily experiences in with the course material to provide better clarity for students. He is easily approachable and willing to work around the hectic personal lives of today's college students.”