Kathryn Wuschke, Ph.D.

Katie WuschkeAssistant Professor

Criminology & Criminal Justice

570J Urban Center Building

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Ph.D., Criminology, Simon Fraser University
M.A., Geography, Simon Fraser University
B.A., Geography, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Kathryn Wuschke's primary research interests fall at the intersection of crime and place. Specializing in Geographic Information Systems, she studies the spatial patterns of crime, with a focus on crime analysis and mapping. Her research explores the connections between crime events and the built environment across multiple spatial scales. Her work aims to improve methods for analyzing spatial crime patterns and to develop planning and resourcing tools that identify potential crime hotspots based on existing and planned urban structure.

Prior to coming to PSU, Dr. Wuschke worked as a researcher at Simon Fraser University’s Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies for 10 years. 


Dr. Wuschke usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 410 Geographic Criminology (fully online program
CCJ 340 Crime Analysis (campus program
CCJ 410 Environmental Criminology (campus program

Students in Dr. Wuschke’s prior classes note the following about her teaching: 

“The instructor and TA were always available for any question through many forms of contact. Instructor responded by email almost immediately. Thanks to these 2 wonderful professionals, I grew a deep appreciation for crime statistics/analyses. Empathy for the student can be the making or breaking point for the student’s success!”


“Professor Wuschke provided clear expectations throughout the entire course. She was extremely professional and lectures were informative. She was very respectful and answered questions that pertained to the whole class and encouraged students to discuss other questions with her after class, via email, or during office hours. Overall, this course taught me tangible skills that I will be able to use in my current profession. She was empathetic and fair. I would highly recommend her courses. Thank you!”