Jason Jones, M.S.

Jason Jones, M.S.Adjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice




M.A., Behavioral Science, California State University at Dominguez Hills

Jason Jones has served as a police officer since 1999. He has devoted his career to crisis intervention, community policing, youth delinquency prevention programs, homeless outreach and empowering domestic violence survivors. Prior to police service, he worked in community corrections as a probation officer, specializing in collaborative-based programs. Mr. Jones currently serves as an adjunct instructor. He also assists as an instructor with the State of Oregon’s Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. In his spare time, Mr. Jones works as a consultant on international development projects, focusing on social crime prevention, justice and public safety initiatives. Mr. Jones holds a Master of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills.


Jason usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 200 Criminology & Criminal Justice (campus program)
CCJ 330U Crime Control Strategies (campus program)
CCJ 350U Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice (campus program)
CCJ 410 Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice (campus program
CCJ 450 Comparative Perspective of Criminal Justice (campus program

Students in Jason Jones’ prior classes note the following about his teaching: 

“Professor Jason Jones is an outstanding teacher but most importantly a great person! Every class he would show up with such energy that would make the class very fun and productive. I learned so much from him and he would always help me and he was also very flexible with everyone. I will forever be grateful! He was more than a teacher he was more like a friend. ”


“Jason is an exceptional instructor that engages students, pushes students to grow, and teaches applicable knowledge to the field of criminal justice. During my time at Portland State I have taken a number of Jason's classes and every one of them has been a smash. His experience in the applied field of criminal justice translates into his teaching, and is an immense asset to his teaching style. His classes are well rounded, direct in their expectations and outlines, and applicable to the professional field of not only criminology and criminal justice, but any career. It has been an honor to be in his classes, and I will truly miss it.”