Curtis St. Denis, M.A.

Curtis St Denis, M.A.Adjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice 



M.A., Counseling Psychology, St. Mary's University of Minnesota
B.A., Social Work, St. Cloud State University

Curtis St. Denis is an adjunct professor with 35 years experience working in the forensic psychology field. He has worked in outpatient mental health settings, prisons, state hospitals and community corrections. His primary job experiences have involved providing evaluations, individual and group therapy as well as trainings on a variety of topics including trauma, mental illness, personality disorders and treatment interventions with difficult to treat clients. He has expertise in working with violent (both domestic and sexual), personality disordered, psychopathic and mentally ill clients.


Curtis usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 415 Counseling Skills for Criminal Justice (campus program)

Students in Curtis’ prior classes note the following about his teaching: 

“Curtis St. Dennis taught me a wealth of new information in only a few short weeks. His skills for counseling class was probably the most beneficial to my education. Learning how to interview and communicate with offenders successfully will be something I can use in my future. He cares about his students and will do whatever he can to help them learn. He was entertaining and kept his class light, which is sometimes hard to do with such a difficult subject. If Curtis taught any other classes at PSU I would take them without hesitation.”


“Curtis St. Denis is an amazing teacher as he is realistic and has personal experience with his topics. He is very good at what he does and is able to teach these fine-tuned skills and concepts to his students. This isn't an easy task, but he pulls it off very well. I enjoyed being in his classes as they were so informational and practical things that I will really be using on the job. I wish he had more classes available.”