Chelsey Huff

Chelsey HuffCCJ Online Enrollment Advisor 

Criminology & Criminal Justice

571C Urban Center Building
(503) 725-9296

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Chelsey Huff is the enrollment advisor for students interested in enrolling to the Criminology & Criminal Justice fully online program.

She has extensive experience working with students through the admission’s process and transitioning to student life. Chelsey is here to help prospective online students understand the enrollment process, and provide information and guidance about our various CCJ Online programs that best fits the prospective student’s future career goals. In addition, she is able to assist with explaining the transfer credit policies, payment options, and the requirements needed to be admitted to the Criminology & Criminal Justice fully online program. She is here to support prospective students and new students every step of the way through admission and the registration of their first courses.

Prospective students who are interested or have questions about enrolling in our Criminology and Criminal Justice fully online programs should connect with our Enrollment Advisor to find out their next steps in a supportive environment. Please feel free to contact Chelsey with any questions through email, phone or an appointment.