Brian C. Renauer, Ph.D.

Brian C. Renauer, Ph.D.Professor & Chair

Criminology & Criminal Justice

570D Urban Center Building

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Ph.D., Criminal Justice, State University of New York - Albany
M.A., Criminal Justice, State University of New York - Albany
B.S., Criminal Justice, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Brian C. Renauer is a CCJ professor and Director of PSU’s Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute. Dr. Renauer received his Ph.D. from State University of New York at Albany, one of the top ranked doctoral programs in Criminology & Criminal Justice. His research interests focus on policing and police and community. Dr. Renauer’s work includes the Police Community Interaction Project funded by the National Institute of Justice which led to the development and testing of measurement tools for police and communities to realize the strength (or weakness) of their partnerships in building community. He has also studied citizen involvement in community efforts to improve neighborhood sustainability. Dr. Renauer has continued to conduct a variety of community-level research projects with police departments and crime prevention programs.

Dr. Renauer also works with Oregon’s Law Enforcement Contacts Policy and Data Review Committee (LECC). The LECC is charged by the Oregon Legislature to explore community concerns about racial/ethnic bias in law enforcement practices, to offer technical assistance to agencies that desire to collect traffic stop data, to improve training for the state, and monitor public perceptions of law enforcement. Dr. Renauer is widely published, engages in a number of crime policy-related speaking engagements, is a member of the Multnomah County (Oregon) Local Public Safety Coordinating Committee, among a number of other policy-related roles. Dr. Renauer was also ranked in the Journal of Criminal Justice Education as one of the top “rainmakers” in the CCJ field for his research grant activity.


Dr. Renauer usually teaches the following courses (subject to change):

CCJ 301 Policing in America (fully online program
CCJ 435 Crime, Grime & Fear (fully online program)
CCJ 200 Criminology and Criminal Justice (campus program)
CCJ 525/625 Criminal Justice Theory (campus program

Students in Dr. Renauer’s prior classes note the following about his teaching:

“Very knowledgeable. Prompt communication, compelling assignments, easily accessible. I felt Professor Renauer wanted me to succeed and was willing to put in the time to facilitate my growth. I nominated him as my first choice because he was so well prepared and clear about the course work. I also appreciated the opportunity he provided his students: the invaluable real- world experience communicating with a person who was incarcerated. His course was one that stands out.”


“Brian is an outstanding professor not only in the classroom, but outside of it as well. He fosters group discussion in the classroom and integrates his own applied research into what we are studying. Furthermore, he embodies the motto "Let knowledge serve the city" as he dedicates himself to various service projects throughout the year. Brian continues to add to the body of research and encourages students to expand our horizons and thinking. Brian is approachable and always willing to help a student when needed. For these reasons, he is an outstanding professor.”