City Level Offenses

Criminal victimization in a city like Portland is not a completely random event. It depends on where you are in the city and when you are there. This website displays analyses of these geographic and temporal patterns for a variety of crimes.

To be included in the analyses, a criminal incident had to occur within the Portland city limits and be assigned to the Portland Police Bureau. Crimes that were not reported to the police, crimes outside of the city limits, and crimes investigated by other law enforcement agencies within Portland’s boundaries are not documented herein. This includes the Portland International Airport and areas controlled by some of the Universities in Portland.

These numbers may not be consistent with reported Portland Police Bureau Uniform Crime Reporting statistics. This is due to the fact that UCR reporting generally only reports the most severe crime if several crime occur in the same incident. Some crimes may have several associated offenses (for instance a person steals a vehicle and then vandalizes it). This would only count as one UCR offense but both offenses are captured in these data.

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