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Reporting a Crime or Emergency

PSU students have several reporting options available to them to report sexual assault or other sex offenses: 

  • Reporting to Portland State University Campus Public Safety 
    • Emergency number: (503) 725-4404 
    • Non-emergency number: (503) 725-4407 
    • In person at 633 SW Montgomery Street
  • Reporting directly to the Portland Police Bureau
    • Emergency number: 9-1-1 
    • Non-emergency number: (503) 823-3333 
    • PSU will assist victims in notifying PPB, if the student requests assistance. 
  • Reporting anonymously to the Women’s Resource Center
  • Reporting anonymously to the Center for Student Health & Counseling 
    • By phone: (503) 725-2800 
    • In person at University Center Building, 1880 SW 6th Ave., Suite 200 
  • Filing a Student Conduct Code Complaint via the Office of the Dean of Student Life (for incidents perpetrated by PSU students) 
  • Filing a complaint with the Office of Equity and Compliance (for incidents perpetrated by PSU faculty or staff) 
  • Filing a complaint with Portland State University’s Title IX Coordinator
    • By phone: (503) 725-5919 
    • In person at Market Center Building, 1600 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 830 
  • Portland State University Sexual Assault Anonymous Report Form