Public Indecency 05-06-18

Update Message (1:45pm, 5/7/18)

At 11:49am today, Monday, May 7, the perpetrator was apprehended about a mile and a half from PSU campus. Thank you for your assistance and the multiple calls CPSO received that helped to apprehend the perpetrator. 

Original Message (5:06pm, 5/6/18):

At about 2:48pm, on May 6 2018, CPS officers responded to an act of public indecency and assault in the first floor womens restroom in ASRC. The victim described, a white male, 5'7", about 35-40 years old, bald, wearing black shirt and shorts, black high top Reeboks, and a brown blanket draped over his shoulder's, carrying a silver razor scooter. The man was last seen running east towards the waterfront. If anyone sees this man contact CPSO at 503-725-4404.