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Identity Theft Safety Alert - Email Phishing

Over the past several weeks, PSU employees have been subject to several “phishing” attacks.  In phishing attacks, criminals attempt to obtain Odin usernames and passwords through email to gain access to PSU systems like PSU email, employment records, and online services in the PSU Information System (banweb).

Phishing attacks have become very sophisticated over the past few months. These emails often appear to be from colleagues, PSU Helpdesk, or other official sources, and may contain links that are almost exact replicas of PSU’s official sites (e.g., PSU’s CAS Universal Login Page). As a reminder, you should be suspicious of links sent to you in email messages. Stop and think before you click a link, or better yet, type the official PSU login web address into your web browser.

Please take a moment to visit OIT’s Phishing Attacks and Recent Phishing Emails pages for more information about how to recognize phishing attacks. For more information or assistance, please contact the OIT Helpdesk at 503.725.4357.