Firearm Policy

Portland State University has distributed information to students, faculty and staff regarding implementation of a new policy on firearms passed Friday, March 2, 2012 by the Oregon Board of Higher Education.

Vice President for Finance & Administration Monica Rimai and Campus Public Safety Director Phillip Zerzan sent a email to the campus community outlining the new policy and how it will be enforced at Portland State University, please see below to read this letter.

Students and Colleagues:

On Friday, March 3, 2012, the Oregon Board of Higher Education approved a new policy on firearms for the Oregon University System, including Portland State University.  The new policy took effect immediately. It forbids students, employees, individuals with a business interest with the campus (such as vendors and contractors), event attendees, those who rent or lease University property, and campus visitors from carrying a firearm on University owned or controlled property. Such property includes all PSU campus buildings, sports or performance venues, and workplaces. The prohibition is effective whether or not an individual holds a concealed handgun license. The policy provides several exceptions to the firearms prohibition, including for on-duty law enforcement officers and public safety personnel and military program participants.

Individuals found in violation of the policy may face disciplinary action through means specific to their relationship with the University. Students will be held accountable under the student conduct code, and employees under PSU's employment policies and collective bargaining agreements.  Contractors, vendors, event attendees, those who rent or lease University property, and other visitors to PSU will be subject to exclusion from campus.

PSU supports this important advance in policy as well as the Board's "recognition of its obligation to provide a safe environment to its students, employees, visitors, vendors and patrons," as the Board's memorandum on the new policy states. If you have questions regarding the policy or its enforcement at PSU, please contact the Campus Public Safety Office at (503)725-4407. As always, in the event of an emergency, call 911 or the dispatch emergency line at (503)725-4404.

For your convenience and further information, a copy of the OUS Policy on Firearms can be found at

Monica Rimai
Vice President, Finance & Administration

Phil Zerzan
Director, Campus Public Safety Office