Campus Dispatch

The Campus Public Safety Dispatch Center is the central hub to Public Safety operations. It is staffed 24/7 by specially trained staff.

Campus Dispatchers can assist callers in both emergency and non-emergency situations, such as: escort requests, suspicious activity, emergency medical, or officer assistance. Sophisticated telecommunications equipment, local area networks, and two-way radio systems provide the framework for communications.

Campus dispatchers work with the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) and the Portland Fire Department (PFD) in response to emergency situations. When telephone calls are received from the campus community, dispatchers obtain the necessary information from the caller to provide an appropriate response. Generally, callers should expect to be asked several questions and to stay on the line as long as necessary.

All PSU Campus Dispatchers receive training through Oregon Police Academy and complete the Basic Telecommunicator certification course. Further, they receive, at a minimum, four weeks of on-the-job training followed by an evaluation period, where they receive additional feedback and coaching. Currently, most of our dispatch team works 10 hour shifts, with at least one dispatcher on duty at all times, and two dispatchers on duty during peak hours. 

Current equipment includes access to the 800 MHz “trunked” radio system, in use by Portland Police & Fire, along with a back-up 450 MHz radio system, which has an independent repeater operated by PSU. CPSO dispatch also has a satellite cell phone and several portable radios and telephones for emergency operations, should we need to relocate dispatch in an emergency. PSU participates in the Oregon Law Enforcement Data System and shares a large body of information with partner agencies in the Portland area. 

Campus Dispatch manages the Lost & Found of misplaced valuable and crucial items (value of over $50) on the Portland State University Campus.

If you would like more information about our Dispatch, Communications or Records programs, or to arrange a visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff is always here for you.