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A life dedicated to public service

The Center believes that public service is a legitimate, proud and essential calling and that innovative leaders and institutions are needed to:

  • Competently execute the programs under their jurisdiction
  • Serve as catalysts for constructive change and innovation
  • Protect and promote justice and democracy
  • Balance liberty and equity

Core Values

The legacy of Senator Mark O. Hatfield informs and inspires the Center's core values.

  1. Community & Public Service: Serving the public is a special calling, inspired and nurtured by core values, and which relies on the constant building of skills and knowledge to promote the public interest.
  2. International Cooperation & Respect for Diversity: The Center is committed to preparing public servants with the capacity to lead in an increasingly diverse and power-shared world, both domestically and internationally.
  3. Fairness, Equity & Social Justice: Building the trust and confidence of citizens requires public servants who are committed to develop policies and build organizations that are effective, fair and equitable.
  4. Civic Engagement: An engaged citizenry and community enhances the quality and legitimacy of public services, fostering accountability and promoting democratic governance.
  5. Sustainable Development: Public leaders have a moral obligation to provide stewardship of the community's scarce resources to meet the needs of future generations.