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Welcome to the joint internet site for the University of Lanzhou School of Management and Portland State University's Mark O. Hatfield School of Government.

Both institutions share a common dedication to the value of public service, innovation in both public and private organizations, and increasing the effectiveness of governmental entities at the local, provincial and federal levels.

The relationship between the School of Management and the Hatfield School flows from a Memorandum of Understanding signed in June 2006 in Lanzhou complemented by a more detailed Work Plan agreed to in April 2007. These two documents frame a relationship that has developed since 2005 when a delegation from Portland was invited to visit Lanzhou after a series of communications between Dean Guoxian Bao of Lanzhou and Director Ronald L.Tammen of the Hatfield School.

The Hatfield School, with its commitment to public service, welcomes the opportunity to cooperate with the distinguished School of Management at the University of Lanzhou. Central and Western China are undergoing major transformations as the government readjusts investment priorities and focuses more attention on unequal development, urban-rural issues, agricultural and environmental challenges. All of these factors place strains on governmental organizations and pose challenges for leadership. Many of the same conditions have occurred over time in the United States. An exchange of ideas, solutions, and cutting edge programs, therefore, is in the best interests of both Nations and academic institutions offer the most effective platform for these initiatives.

It is anticipated that both Schools will cooperate in training government officials in China and the United States. Faculty will be encouraged to conduct joint research and publications and both parties look forward to future opportunities to host international conferences in the field of public administration.

The Hatfield School recognizes the leadership position of the University of Lanzhou in Central and Western China and welcomes the opportunity to share and receive research and practical applications that will benefit the people of both countries. Over time our relationship will deepen and broaden in the service of our citizens and governments. Economic development depends on efficient governments and efficient governments flow from modern public administration techniques and technologies. To this end, we are jointly committed to the highest calling of public service.


Ronald L. Tammen
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government


The joint website of the School of Management at Lanzhou University and the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at PSU was established through the efforts of the two institutions, especially through the technical support and hard-work of Director Tammen and his team. The partnership between the two schools is an event of remarkable significance in the multicultural age. For Lanzhou University, this relationship aligns with its strategic goals of building a world class university, increasing name recognition, and contributing to the construction of a harmonious society. On behalf of my school and Lanzhou University, I sincerely hope that the joint website becomes a platform for solid partnership and fruitful academic exchange and that the earnest attitude and the passion for innovation of the Hatfield School will be integrated as part of the legacy of Lanzhou University.

 The Hatfield School is well known for its achievements. The School of Management of Lanzhou University has also made great progress along its
development. Its Masters of Public Administration program is ranked 8th among comprehensive evaluations given by the Ministry of Education. The Lanzhou University Center of China Local Government Performance Evaluation is the first academic research center of its kind in China. The performance measurements conducted by the center on municipal, provincial governments and provincial level government units have laid the foundation for the so-called "Gansu Model", one of the four pillar models of China's government performance evaluation. The center is widely praised in academic circles and in the wider public as a pioneer of third-party evaluation practices. The evaluation service has helped the school to establish cooperative relationships with governments at different levels, especially with those in western China. 

The School of Management has strived for excellence over the past two decades. The disadvantages in geographical location and limited resources have been converted to the motivation for today's success and nationwide recognition. But achievements only belong to the past, and progress is the school's perpetual theme. We are dedicated to taking responsibility to face the pressure to meet the challenges of the new age. This requires us to focus on scientific development, better public service, constant innovation, and international cooperation. The partnership with the Hatfield School offers an opportunity to realize those goals as it reflects our mutual trust and the shared values of quality education, a socially-responsible attitude, and better service for the common good.

This joint website is a place for inspiration, exchange and friendship. The support, encouragement and cooperation will link the two schools to grow together and build a better future.

Guoxian Bao

Dean of School of Management

Lanzhou University 


兰州大学管理学院与美国波特兰州立大学汉非尔德政府学院之间的科研协作与交流网站,在双方特别是美国汉非尔德学院TAMMEN院长及其员工的努力与支持下 终于建立起来了。这一事件在多元文化交融的今天显得格外重要和引人注目。对兰州大学而言它是构建我国和谐社会与文化,建设国内一流大学,打造一流大学的国 际性管理学院的良好契机。我谨代表兰州大学与兰大管理学院热烈地祝愿并希望我们的网站,不仅成为我们学术研究、交流观点的圣地,也成为我们之间促进了解、 增进感情、发展友谊的舞台。让汉非尔德学院那种充满激情、热爱生活、勤于探索、严谨认真和勇于创新的精神在我们中间发扬光大,成为我们兰州大学宝贵文化和 精神财富的一部分。


我们都知道美国波特兰州立大学汉非尔德政府学院已取得的成就令人瞩目,为世界所知名。兰州大学管理学院近年来也取得了长 足的发展,今天的兰州大学管理学院已

成为具有学士、硕士、博士和MPA多个教育层次授予权的学院并在今年的中国研究生教育分专业评比中,取得了行政管理专 业综合排名第八的好成绩。以我院行政管理专业为基础建立的"兰州大学中国地方政府绩效评价中心",是中国第一家地方政府绩效评价的学术科研机构。本机构通 过对省、市(州)政府以及省级直属政府管理部门的绩效评价,奠定并形成了我国政府绩效评价的四大模式之一"甘肃模式"。开辟了"第三方"评价政府绩效的先 河,受到了学术界和社会各界的普遍赞誉。我们也通过这种为政府提供绩效评价的服务方式与国内尤其是西部地区各级政府部门之间建立起了广泛的协作关系。

二十年来,兰大管理学院立足西部,励志进取。在十分艰苦的条件下,将兰州大学管理学院打造成了全国知名的教育品牌。成就 是昨天的句号,开拓才是永恒的主题。在新的岁月里,我们更强烈地感知到的是责任、义务、压力与挑战。在新的征程中,我们要始终以学科建设为中心,以服务求 生存,以特色求地位,以创新、务实求发展。为此,我们要努力加强人才队伍培养,通过国际间的合作,实现我们的目标与理想。我们之所以义无反顾地选择了汉非 尔德政府学院,是因为我们钦佩于你们的办学质量,你们谦虚、严谨、负责任的工作态度,更有我们之间合作的诚意与愿望。



兰州大学管理学院院长 包国宪