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Program cost for the 2015 Cohort is $37,000 for 45 credit hours + national and international field experiences (does not include airfare). Program cost is based on our current best etimate of the total charges for the 21-month program. Books, hosting, trip and University fees may be subject to small changes per term.

Program cost includes tuition, required textbooks, parking/bus passes, and in-class breakfast. Students are provided with a high-level of support by program staff, including course registration, parking arrangements, book orders, catering, mentoring, and coaching. Tuition and University fees are billed quarterly and paid over the course of the program. Your program tuition will be reduced if transfer credits are applied to your degree requirements.

Included in the total cost is a Field Experience trip fee (which includes lodging, tour fees, and program administration) for the national and international field experiences. This field experience fee will be divided into 4 total payments. The first national field experience trip fee ($2,000) to Washington D.C. will be divided into 2 payments; half the amount will be charged in the Fall term before the trip occurs, and half will be charged in the Winter term during which the trip takes place. The second international field experience trip fee ($2,000) will be divided into 2 payments; half the amount will be charged in the Summer term before the trip occurs, and half will be charged in the Fall term during which the trip takes place.

See the full Cohort 2016 Predicted Payment Schedule for Fall 2016 to Spring 2018.

See the full Cohort 2015 Predicted Payment Schedule for Fall 2015 to Spring 2017.

See the full Cohort 2014 Predicted Payment Schedule for Fall 2014 to Spring 2016.

University fees may be assessed separately, in addition to the program cost. Beginning Fall 2015, EMPA students will be required to pay all mandatory University fees, estimated at $351 per term ($41 PSU Rec Center, $33 building fee, $119 Health Service, $158 Incidental). Please note that the amount of University fees is subject to change.  

Executive MPA tuition does not cover health services fees; therefore, students are not eligible to use services supported by PSU’s Center for Student Health and Counseling.

Additional expenses beyond the listed tuition and fees include airfare for the field experiences, personal meals during the field experiences, visas (if traveling to Vietnam), and Metro passes in Washington D.C. Click here to see a full list of additional expenses.

Payment Process

You will receive an electronic bill from Portland State University for each term in which you are enrolled. You should regularly monitor your student account online. Please remember that it is the student's obligation to ensure that program fees are paid in a timely fashion. If payment is not received by the university deadline, interest and billing fees will be applied to your account balance.

Students have three options to pay for tuition and fees:

  • Online: Pay online using your VISA or MasterCard (There are service charges levied for this service). To pay a bill via the Web, go to, log into yourPSU account and follow the prompts for web payment.
  • By Mail: Send your payment to the PSU Bursar's Office using the enclosed return envelope with the bottom third portion of your billing statement. If you want to make a payment by mail and don't have a bill, write your student ID number on the check and send to: PSU Cashier's Office, PO Box 908, Portland OR 97207.
  • In Person: Pay by check or cash in person at the cashier's window in the lobby of Neuberger Hall.

Read more about payment options here. For more information on Student Account Services, click here
(Please note: The PSU Payment Plan is not available for EMPA students.)

Staff Fee Privilege

The EMPA program is included in the staff fee privilege benefit. PSU employees appointed at half-time or more (not including temporary classified employees, graduate assistants, or other student employees) may register for classes at special rates. Eligible employees may transfer their staff fee privileges to family members or domestic partners upon verification that the transferee is a qualified recipient of transferred staff fee privileges. The staff fee rate is 30 percent of the resident per credit hour undergraduate tuition rate of the teaching institution, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Please visit the Human Resources website to learn more about the staff fee privilege and to obtain the necessary approval forms.