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The Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy Systems

An Interactive Workshop for Professionals

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn what the Smart Grid is, what it does, and how it might support the integration of wind and other renewable energy options in Northwest power system;
  • Understand the key “drivers” behind the emergence of the Smart Grid and the key benefits the Smart Grid is expected to provide.
  • Get an update on the current status of the Smart Grid in the US and other nations exploring how it can support renewables integration;
  • Know why leading Northwest energy analysts are turning to the Smart Grid (and related approaches it can support and enhance) as a key component of a more comprehensive strategy to support the integration of wind and solar in the Pacific Northwest;
  • Hear directly from some of the region’s top experts who are involved in planning and pilot testing a range of approaches;
  • Learn how the Smart Grid can enhance and support related approaches and benefits such as regulation and load balancing, demand response, distributed generation, energy storage, system efficiency, and grid stabilization
  • Collaborate with other workshop participants on a strategy to address a case study issue that simulates a real world wind integration dilemma that could be addressed by the Smart Grid and related applications.
  • Learn effective presentation skills and apply them through team presentations

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Workshop Instructors and Guest Presenters:


  • Jeff Hammarlund, Adjunct Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Mark Hatfield School of Government, PSU; and President, Northwest Energy and Environmental Strategies
  • Michael Jung, Policy Director, Silver Spring Network

Guest Presenters (confirmed unless otherwise noted):

  • Kim Brown, Associate, Associate, Global Energy Partners, an EnerNOC Company (invited)
  • Ken Corum, Senior Economist, Northwest Power and Conservation Council 
  • Kelly Cowan, Fellow, Smart Grid Oregon 
  • Ken Dragoon, Senior Resource Analyst, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Lee Hall, Smart Grid Program Manager, Bonneville Power Administration 
  • Mark Osborn, Portland General Electric Smart Grid Manager
  • Ken Nichols, Director, Ecofys US
  • Will Price, Staff Engineer, Eugene Water and Electric Board
  • Henry Tilghman, Principal, Tilghman Associates Renewable Energy Consulting 
  • Cameron Yourkowski, Transmission Policy Associate; Renewable Northwest Project

Workshop Agenda:

September 14


9:00 Introductions of Workshop Participants and Plan
9:30 What Is the Smart Grid and how Could it support Sustainable Energy Systems in the Pacific Northwest? (Jeff Hammarlund)
10:00 What Does the Smart Grid Do? (Michael Jung)
10:30 Break
10:45 The State of the Smart Grid in the US (Michael)
11:30 Relevant Experiences from Other Countries (Jeff)
Noon Lunch (on your own)

Panel I - The Smart Grid and Wind integration in the Pacific Northwest: A "Big Picture" Look at the Problems, Issues and Approaches

  • Ken Dragoon, Senior Resource Analyst, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Lee Hall, BPA Smart Grid Program Manager
  • Cameron Yourkowski, Transmission Policy Associate, Renewable Northwest Project
  • Mark Osborn, Portland General Electric Smart Grid Manager
3:40 Break
3:50 The Important Role of Problem Definition in the Policy Development Process (Jeff)
 4:00 Class Exercise: Defining the Problem for Our Case Study Simulation (Workshop Participants)


September 15



Smart Grid Applications and Strategies to Support Sustainable Energy Systems (Michael and Jeff)

  • Demand Response
  • Distribution Automation
  • Break
  • Distributed Generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Strategies Using Electric Vehicles 
  • Additional Emerging Strategies
Noon Lunch

Panel II - Testing How the Smart Grid Can Support Wind Integration in the Real World: A Review of Early Experience

  • Ken Corum, Senior Economist, Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Ken Nichols, Director, Ecofys, US
  • Will Price, Staff Engineer, Eugene Water and Electric Board
  • Henry Tilghman, Principal, Tilghman Associates Renewable Energy Consulting
3:20 Break
3:30 Class collaboration on strategy development to address case study simulation (workshop participants)


September 16


9:00 Recommendations from the “Green Transformers” Workgroup on the Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration (Kelly Cowan, PhD candidate, PSU’s Department of Engineering and Technology Management; Fellow, Smart Grid Oregon; and a Key Member of the "Green Transformers" Work Group)
9:45 Break
10:00 Sizzle vs Steak: Faculty Recommendations on Content and Style of Policy Related Reports and Presentations (Michael and Jeff)
11:00 Development of Presentations on Case Study Simulation - includes "working lunch" (seminar participants; faculty will be available for consultation)
3:30 Class presentations on case study simulation (workshop participants; panel speakers and local smart grid experts will be invited to hear recommendations)
4:00  Presentation, critique and suggestions
4:30 Final thoughts and adjourn


About the Instructors:

Jeff Hammarlund is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Portland State University's Mark Hatfield School of Government, a Senior Research Fellow at PSU's Center for Public Service, and the president of Northwest Energy and Environmental Strategies, a consulting firm.  He has served in senior staff positions with the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Department of Energy, and as an advisor to presidents, presidential candidates, and governors. He has been a senior manager for conservation services for Southern California Edison, a senior policy analyst for a Northwest utility trade association, and consultant to utilities, environmental organizations, and government agencies throughout the nation. He helped create one of the first graduate level Smart Grid courses in the nation and is a popular speaker at Smart Grid conferences in the US and Europe. Jeff serves on the executive committee and chairs the Oregon Caucus of the NW Energy Coalition, an influential alliance of more than 100 utilities, businesses, environmental, civic, faith, and human service organizations in the Pacific Northwest. He is also a Smart Grid Oregon board member.

Michael Jung serves as Policy Director at Silver Spring Networks, a leading provider of networking equipment and services for utility smart grids. In this capacity, he works on Smart Grid policy development and implementation issues throughout the nation. He is also a board member of Smart Grid Oregon.  Prior to joining Silver Spring Networks, Michael served as an energy policy advisor to the campaign and administration of former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. He previously managed global climate change and international sustainable development policy initiatives at American Electric Power. Michael has served as a U.S. Fulbright Fellow, holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, was once a competitive ballroom dancer, and is an Eagle Scout. He is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, Yale College, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.