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Selected Books and Journal Articles of Interest

Dr. Bruce Gilley 

Dr. Douglas Morgan

Dr. Masami Nishishiba

Dr. Ronald Tammen

Dr. Birol Yesilada


Dr. Bruce Gilley

“Legitimacy and Institutional Change: The Case of China”, Comparative Political Studies (2008)

China's Democratic Future: How It Will Happen and Where It Will Lead (Columbia University

Press 2004)

“Elite-Led Democratization in China: Prospects, Perils, and Policy Implications”, International
Journal (2006)

“Taiwan’s Democratic Transition: A Model for China?” in Gilley & Diamond (eds.); Political
Change in China: Comparisons with Taiwan (Lynne Rienner 2008)

“Rural Entrepreneurs and Democracy in China”, in Gold & Bonnell (eds.), The New Entrepreneurs
of Europe and Asia (M.E. Sharpe 2001)

(with Heike Holbig) “The Debate on Party Legitimacy in China: A Mixed Quantitative/Qualitative
Analysis”, Journal of Contemporary China (2009)

(with Edward Friedman); Asia’s Giants: Comparing China and India (Palgrave 2005)

(with Larry Diamond); Political Change in China: Comparisons With Taiwan (Lynne Rienner 2008)

Dr. Douglas Morgan

With Craig Shinn, Richard Green & Kent Robinson, Foundations of Public Service: Continuities in Conflict, contract with M.E. Sharpe, to be published in summer 08.

“The Oregon Bureaucracy” published in Oregon Politics and Government, edited by R. Clucas, M.
Henkels, and B. Steel (University of Nebraska Press, 2005).

"Public Stewardship”, Defining Public Administration, Chapter 40, Edited Jay Shafrtiz, (Westview,
New York, 2000).

Handbook on Public Budgeting, Prepared for Oregon State Fiscal Association, 2000.

"Ethics and the Public Interest," Handbook on Administrative Ethics, pp. 151-175. Edited Terry L.
Cooper, Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2000

with Dan Vizzini, “Transforming Customers into Citizens: Lesson from the Field”, Administrative
Theory and Practice, 21(1999)1:51.

"Bureaucracy and the American Constitution: Can the Triumph of Instrumentalism be
Reversed?”, Public Administration Review. 58 (September/October, 1998) 5: 453-463.

"Public Stewardship”, International Encyclopedia of Public Policy, ed. J. Shafritz. (Westview,
1998), vol. 4. pp. 2140-43.

Douglas Morgan, et. al. “The Role of Middle Managers in Local Government: The Limits of
Reinventing Government, Public Administration Review, vol. 56 (July/August, 1996) 44:

“Institutional Survival in the Postmodern Age: Administrative Practice and the American
Constitutional Legacy”, Administrative Theory and Praxis, 18 (2): 42-56. 1996.

Editor of Larry Terry, The Administrator as Conservator: The Leadership of Public Bureaucracies,
published in Sage Ethics Series, 1995.

"Madonna's Sex: Constitutional Stewardship or Administrative Fantasies", Administrative Theory
and Praxis, Vol. 16 (1994).

Douglas Morgan & Henry D. Kass, "The American Odyssey of the Career Public Service: The Ethical Crises of Role Reversal", Ethics and Public Administration, Edited by H. George Frederickson. M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 1993.

"Administrative Phronesis: Discretion and the Problem of Legitimacy in our Constitutional
System", Images and Identities in Public Administration:

Discourses on Governance, ed. by Henry D. Kass and Bayard Catron (Sage, 1990).

Douglas Morgan and Henry D. Kass, "Legitimizing Administrative Discretion Through
Constitutional Stewardship", in Ethical Frontiers in Public Management" by James
Bowman, ed. (Jossey-Bass, 1991), pp. 286-307.

Candace D. Morgan and Douglas Morgan, "Ethics and Professional Responsibility: The
Challenge of Multiple Perspectives", ALKI: The Washington Library Journal, Vol. 6, #3
(December, 1990), pp. 69-71.

"Conflict of Interest and the Hard Cases: The Art of Muddling Through", ALKI: Journal of the
Washington Library Association, Vol. 6, #3 (December, 1990), pp. 74-75...

"Varieties of Administrative Abuse:  Some Reflections on the Exercise of Administrative Discretion",
Administration and Society 19 (November 1987) 267-284.

"Traditional Responses to American Administrative Discretion", with John Rohr in Administrative
Discretion and Public Policy Implementation, edited by Douglas H. Shumavon and H. Kenneth Hibbeln, Praeger, 1986.

"Field Burning in the Willamette Valley:  A Guide to the Perplexed", funded by the Sloan and Ford
Foundations, administered jointly by the Duke Institute of Policy Sciences and Public Affairs and The Rand Graduate Institute,  1981, 45 pp.

Dr. Masami Nishishiba

Nishishiba, M., Ingle, M., Tsukamoto, H., & Kobayashi, M. (in press). Project Management Toolkit: A strategic approach to new local governance  [Chihou Gyoursei wo Kaeru ‘Project Management Toolkit’: Jichitai Shokuin no Tameno Shin-Shigotojutus]. Tokyo, Japan: Gyosei. (expected page numbers, 360)

Nishishiba, M., & Nelson, H.T. (under review). The Role of Diversity Education in Promoting Civic Engagement. Urban Education.

Nishishiba, M., Nelson, H.T., & Shinn, C. (2005). Explicating factors that foster civic engagement among students. Journal of Public Affairs Education. 11, (4), 269-285

Williams, D, Shinn C., Nishishiba, M., Morgan, D.  (2002). Toward an understanding of Civic Capacity: An anatomy of community issues that matter to students. Journal of Public Affairs, 6, (1), 241-264.

Nishishiba, M. & Ritchie, L. D.  (2000).  The concept of trustworthiness: A cross-cultural comparison between Japanese and U.S. business people.  Journal of Applied Communication Research. 28, (4), 347-367.

Dr. Birol Yesilada

The Emerging European Union  (with David M. Wood) New York: Longman, 1996 , 2001, 2004, 2007, 2009)

“The Role of EU in Democratization of Turkey & Some other Unexpected Issues,” Re-public re-
imagining democracy online journal published in Greece, July 2008.

“Competition among Giants: A Look at How Future Enlargement of the European Union Could
Affect Global Power Transition,” (with Brian Efird and Peter Noordijk), International
Studies Review Vol. 8, no. 4 (December 2006):607-622.

“The Political Future of Afghanistan and Its Implications for U.S. Policy” (with Jacek Kugler and
Brian Efird), Conflict Management and Peace Science, Vol. 20, no. 1 (Spring 2003):43-72.


Dr. Ronald Tammen

 Tammen, Ronald L. et al. 2004. Revised.  Power Transitions: Strategies for the 21st Century, Chinese edition, Taiwan, China.  Similar edition also published in Arabic in Kuwait in 2006.

Tammen, Ronald L. et al. 2000. Power Transitions: Strategies for the 21st Century, New York: Chatham House Publishers (now C.Q. Press).

Tammen, Ronald L., ed. 1975. The Economics of Defense Spending.  New York: Praeger Publishers.

Tammen, Ronald L. 1973.  MIRV and the Arms Race. New York: Praeger Publishers.

Tammen, Ronald L., 2006. “The Impact of Asia on World Politics: China and India Options for the United States” in International Studies Review, 8: 563-580.

Tammen, Ronald L. and Jacek Kugler, 2006. “Power Transition and China-US Conflicts” in Chinese Journal of International Politics, 1: 1.  English Translation by Oxford Press of article below.  Revised and updated.

Tammen, Ronald L. and Jacek Kugler, 2005. “The Chinese Dilemma: Satisfied or Dissatisfied” in Science in International Politics and Research, 1:3, September, Tsinghua University, China, (in Chinese).

Kugler, Jacek, Ronald L. Tammen and Brian Efird. 2004. “Integrating Theory and Policy: Global Implications of the War in Iraq” in International Studies Review, 6:4, December.

Kugler, Jacek and Ronald L. Tammen, 2004. “Regional Challenge: China’s Rise to Power” in The Asia-Pacific: A Region in Transition, edited by Jim Rolfe, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Waikiki, Hawaii.

Douglas Lemke and Ronald Tammen, 2003. “Power Transition Theory and the Rise of China” in International Interactions, 29:4, October-December.

Tammen, Ronald L. 2003. “The Impact of the Second Iraqi War on the Cross Straits Discussions.” In 2003 Tamkang University International Forum Book,  the Graduate Institute of International Affairs & Strategic Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan, China.

Tammen, Ronald L, Jacek Kugler and Siddharth Swaminathan. 2001. “Power Transitions and Alliances in the Twenty-First Century,” Asian Perspectives, Fall.

Organski, A.F.K., and Ronald L. Tammen. 1996. “The New Open Door Policy” in Parity and War, edited by Jacek Kugler and Douglas Lemke. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.