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Ph.D. Student Joint Training Program

The Hatfield School of Government (SOG) and the Center for Public Service (CPS) have dedicated to work closely with their colleagues in Lanzhou to jointly train the Ph.D. students of the School of Management at Lanzhou University. The program aims to motivate students for academic excellence, expand their perspectives through knowledge exchange, and help them better connect with the global context of the Public Administration discipline. The program features two parts: the Ph.D. student exchange program to PSU (sponsored by the China Scholarship Council - CSC) and the SOG/CPS faculty yearly visit to Lanzhou.

The exchange program to PSU provides the Ph.D. candidates from Lanzhou an opportunity to audit classes from the Public Administration Division and other departments, participate in various workshops ranging from academic topics to English improvement, get exposure to the diversity of the American culture, exchange research ideas and academic passions with their PSU peers, and have one-on-one weekly advising session with the SOG/CPS faculty.

During their yearly visit to Lanzhou University, the SOG/CPS faculty spend quality time to coach the students on various topics such as research design, thesis preparation, and paper publication. These students constitute an important part of the joint research team, actively engaging in data collection, field trips for the research agenda, and research topic discussions.