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The Public Administration Division offers a number of courses that may be of interest to practitioners. Please contact Megan Loos in the PA Division for more information: 503-725-3920 or meloos@pdx.edu.

Spring 2014

Executive Leadership and Decision Making

Course Description:  Executive decisions in the public sector often require balancing issues of ethics, law, politics, organizational dynamics, and human relations. Skill in navigating these turbulent waters comes with experience, but there is also much to learn from current management theory. This course draws on public management literature, and uses a case study approach and extensive classroom interaction to build the participants’ competency in executive leadership.  

About the Instructor: Dr. Lazenby is the current City Manager of Lake Oswego, Oregon. He teaches in the Public Administration Division at Portland State University. In his research role at the Center for Public Service, Dr. Lazenby specializes in local government management. 

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Registration Information

  • Instructor: Scott Lazenby
  • Course Number: PA 510
  • CRN:  
  • Credits: 3 graduate credits

Dates & Times

  • TBD


Social Media for Public Service Professionals

Course Description:   As a public or nonprofit professional, you can no longer ignore social media. Whether you choose to opt-out of these technologies, fully embrace them, or find a middle ground, this decision is becoming increasingly relevant to our work.  This 3-credit course explores the social media landscape and its influence on our world and provide hands-on training for evaluating and using social media tools in the context of a strategic public engagement program. 

About the Instructors: Chris Palmedo is the former director of public affairs for Northwest Foundation based in Portland, Oregon. He is an adjunct professor at Portland State, where he has taught courses in public relations and social change leadership. Thomas Frank is a City Councilor for the City of West Linn. He teaches graduate and undergraduate accounting, finance, and management courses at several institutions around Oregon.

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Registration Information

  • Instructors: Chris Palmedo & Thomas Frank
  • Course Number:  
  • CRN: 
  • Credits: 3 undergraduate or 3 graduate credits

Dates & Times

  • TBD


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These courses are offered through the Public Administration Division. 

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