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National Policy Process Readings for Professional Development Participants

Non-credit seminar attendees are expected to do a certain amount of pre-reading in order to fully participate in the learning process.

Required Readings

Books and Articles in Hard Copy

  • Birkland, Thomas. An Introduction to the Policy Process, 3rd edition. Read all chapters but give special attention to chapters 1-6 and 10. We recommend you read this prior to the first pre-trip session if possible and definitely before the trip to Washington itself.  You can order the book through us but it will likely be faster and cheaper to do so through an on-line bookseller.
  • Hammarlund, Jeff. National Policy Process Class Workbook. Distributed at first pre-trip session; the workbook will include deLeon’s chapter on the policy stages model from 1st edition of Sabatier.

Online Course Materials

Many of the readings for this class will be hosted on PSU's online learning tool, Desire2Learn (D2L). You will be provided an ODIN user ID and temporary password. Registered participants can access these readings by logging in with their ODIN ID (provided prior to the first pre-trip session) at: and clicking on "2013-2014 USACE Leadership Development Program." The online course materials are located in the folder "National Policy Process."

  • Hammarlund, Jeff (ed.). National Policy Process Case Studies. The case studies will be posted on course website in late October and updated throughout November as events develop. Please read Guidance on Reading Case Study Materials first to help you navigate through these readings.  You are not expected to ready all case study materials.  This guidance will help you decide how to make the best use of your time.
  • Ogden, Daniel. M., Jr. How National Policy Is Made. Skim introduction and chapter on interest groups; carefully read chapter on power clusters. We recommend you read this prior to the first pre-trip session if possible and definitely before the trip to Washington itself.
  • Morgan, Douglas, Craig Shinn, Kent Robinson, and Richard Green. Foundations of Public Service. Read chapter 12, sections on Ways of Understanding Public Policy, Models of the Policy Process, and Analysis through Advocacy and Issue Framing (pp. 323-333 and 335-337).

Recommended Readings

  • Hammarlund, Jeff (ed.). Oregon’s Future Journal, Spring 2002 issue on Northwest Electricity Issues.  Distributed at first pre-trip session. Read prior to the trip; at a minimum, read introductory and historical articles by Hammarlund; skim articles by Sampson, Corwin, Bloch, Derfler, Leone, Wright, Peters, and Carr. While the introductory and historical articles are still relevant, the other articles are dated, but still offer useful historical background and context.
  • Sabatier, Paul (ed.). Theories of the Policy Process, 2nd edition. Chapters 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, & 11. If you decide to read this, do so after reading the Birkland and Ogden books and after the first pre-trip session.   Best to order through an on-line bookseller.