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Municipal Government Officals & Managers Training Program

This training program aims to provide mid-career local government professionals with an opportunity to explore innovative approaches in municipal administration and to develop problem-solving skills. The Center for Public Service has successfully conducted similar programs tailored for Japanese and Vietnamese government officials and managers.

Form and Highlights

CPS takes primary responsibility for the curriculum design with site visits showcasing innovative approaches by local government agencies and non-profit organizations in Oregon.

  • Site Visits and Guest Speakers: site visits and presentations of guest speakers are organized so participants develop a better understanding of the U.S. local, state, and federal government systems. It provides the participants a chance to learn U.S. best practices related to their interest area.
  • Synthesis and Facilitated Discussion: synthesis sessions and discussions provide opportunities to aid the participants in processing knowledge they gain during the training period. The program director facilitates dialogues to ensure that the participants deepen their understanding of U.S. government structure and value systems, as well as transfer their knowledge to context in China.
  • Innovation Lab International: to engage visiting participants, local public servants and citizen activists in a search for innovative strategies for dealing with universal challenges facing local governance and public administration. The goal of these multi-cultural engagements is to facilitate breakthroughs in doctrines, processes and practices to advance responsive public administration in the 21st century, and to begin to develop innovation skills in current and future generations of public servants.

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