Information for Panel Presenters

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August 24, 2011

Dear Conference Participant:

Thank you for your recent paper submission for the Second International Conference on Government Performance Management & Leadership. We have successfully received and opened your paper, and we look forward to your panel oral presentation in Portland in October.

We are in the process of finalizing the conference panel assignments. We will report your panel assignment, the panel time slot, the panel chair, and chair contact information as soon as we can. Panels will contain three to six presenters. Once we gather the papers for a panel we will submit them to their chair for review and synthesis. Chairs should receive the papers for their panel by Sept. 9. We will also prepare your paper for posting on the conference website. We hope to have the papers posted and publicly available by mid-September.

In the interim, we ask you to please begin preparation of your panel oral presentation. Because of the large number of presenters, full panels, and the need for translation on some panels, we ask you to carefully observe the following guidelines.

Length and Format:

  • We strongly encourage panel members to present a summation of your written paper. Please do not read your full paper.
  • Plan on a presentation length maximum of 9 minutes. Panel chairs may reduce allotted time, or if available, the panel chair may allow extra time.  Please be ready to be flexible on your presentation length.
  • A summary presentation, could quickly:
    • provide your contact information;
    • define research purpose, approach and basic design;
    • pose the research question/ issue;
    • clarify  a conceptual framework and context;
    • tie to a conference theme(s), 1) leadership for performance in diverse cultures, 2) cross sector collaboration for performance, 3)performance measurement and performance management, and 4) sustainable development performance;
    • give heavier attention to findings, learning, implications or applications to practice;
    • give lesser attention to methods and data, and technical analysis;
    • be ready to answer questions and support discussion.
  • Power Point presentation is encouraged but not required. Please carefully limit the number of slides (We suggest 8 or fewer slides).
  • Please save your presentation on a flash/thumb drive in .ppt  format (Power Point 2010 or 2007).
  • Each panel conference room will have a computer and projector to accept your flash drive.
  • As a backup, please mail your presentation to an internet accessible email address.

One Presenter for Multi-Author Papers:

  • One author will make the panel presentation for a jointly-authored paper. Attending co-authors should be in the panel audience ready to help answer questions and to actively contribute to the discussion.

Presentation Slide Handout:

  • Please email a copy of your presentation slide handout or talking points in English to your panel chair by Friday, September 16.
  • Please email a copy of your presentation slide handout or talking points in English to the conference address, by Friday, September 16. We will post your handout on the conference website and share it with the translators to help them prepare.
  • As a backup, please bring a paper copy of your presentation slide handout or talking points for the panel translator. 
  • If you elect to bring handouts for the panel audience, we suggest a one-page, front and back handout with a maximum of 25 copies.

Translation Services:

  • Most panels will be conducted in English.  Participants will make their presentations in English and be ready to respond to questions in English.
  • Chinese-English simultaneous translation (ST) services with headphones will be available for the plenary sessions and for a set of panels. Members of these panels may present in Mandarin. We will notify you if you are on a panel with simultaneous translation.

Panel Chairs:

  • Panel chairs will open the panel, order the presentations, introduce each speaker, manage any translation, and monitor each speaker's time.
  • Panel chairs will also control questions from the audience, pose starter questions to panel members, structure and guide the discussion, and summarize and close the session on time.

If you have any questions on the panels and your presentation, please email the conference panel coordinator. We thank you in advance for following these guidelines. With your help we can make all attendees feel welcome, and fully recognize their contributions to the conference and to government leadership.

Conference Registration and Hotel Reservations:

If you have not registered and made hotel reservations for the conference, we encourage you to do so immediately.

  • Register for the conference online 
  • Make your hotel reservation at the Portland Hilton

Please contact Xiaomei Wang at if you have questions on registration and hotel reservations.  

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting each of you in October.


Phil Keisling Kent Robinson, PhD
Director, Center for Public Service Conference Panel Coordinator
Portland State University

Portland State University