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For Sponsor Organizations

Enlist the intelligence, fresh ideas, and energy of a truly exceptional graduate student passionate about public service to perform an analysis, complete a project, or work on a problem currently facing your organization

An easy way to obtain low-risk, high-impact affordable talent

These two companion Fellowships deliver the best value when sponsors recognize how well they can work in tandem with each other.  The greatest impact can be achieved when a sponsoring organization initially deploys one or more Oregon Summer Fellows to work on several key projects.  Those who demonstrate high potential and organizational fit can then be invited back the next year upon completion of their graduate studies directly into the Hatfield Residency program. (Read more about Tapping Tomorrow's Talent Today.pdf)

This approach allows the sponsoring organization to recruit and assess potential employees from a national talent pool based on real experience and contribution.  For the Fellows, it provides an opportunity to understand the mission and assess the culture of a prospective employer while they enhance their qualifications (knowledge, skills, and abilities) and the beginnings of their local professional network. 

Bottom line:  Sponsors with a “strategic sourcing” perspective are able to use both Fellowships to field test talented prospective employees who have gained invaluable on-site experience, perspective, and relationships that can be levered into a permanent hire.

“There’s no way we could have done as comprehensive a job or leveraged as much out of this opportunity if [our Hatfield Resident Fellow] hadn’t taken it on” – Communications Manager, Lane County

Cost of Sponsoring a Fellow & Program Dates

  • $40,000 for each Hatfield Resident Fellow

Dates: 7/5/16-2/24/17 with Winter Break: 12/19/17-12/30/17

Fellows work 32 hours per week for 32 weeks

  • $10,500 for each Oregon Summer Fellow

Dates: Variable

Fellows work 40 hours per week for 10 weeks

Benefits of Sponsoring a Fellow

  • Completion of project requirements by a highly capable Fellow
  • Ability to use the program to learn about, shape, and develop Oregon's next generation of public service leaders
  • Access to a far-reaching network of strategic sources of talent that you can easily utilize over time. This could be especially attractive if your organization is facing a large talent drain in the next few years

About Our Fellows

Our Fellows are national-class caliber.  Most come from universities repeatedly listed in U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of America’s best graduate schools in public affairs, business, industrial engineering, information technology and other disciplines relevant to government and nonprofit organizations.

Most Fellows have some prior work experience in government.  Some hold multiple degrees.  A few have even been Fulbright Scholars.

All Fellows undergo a highly competitive screening process and complete three or five days of training at the Hatfield School of Government. Please view our 2016 Directory of Fellows to see where our talent matches your need.

Sponsor Requirements

Sponsors are expected to sign an intergovernmental agreement with Portland State University as well as provide the following for both Oregon Summer Fellows and Hatfield Resident Fellows:

  • Customary office resources, such as assigned work space, office supplies, telephone, computer, etc. required by any knowledge worker in the organization.
  • Organizational introduction and orientation
  • Assignment to a manager to supervise the fellow and serve as a mentor
  • Manager should define and document the project(s) to be undertaken
  • Manager should help the fellow understand organizational culture
  • Manager should foster introductions to agency staff and provide other networking opportunities
  • Manager should provide periodic feedback and end-of-program evaluation to the fellow
  • Organization and CPS will conduct periodic and end-of-program evaluation of the fellow and the program

Fellow Assignments

Although not required, the most successful fellowship experiences have involved one major assignment that the Fellow can really focus their time, energy, and learning outcomes on, along with 1-2 minor assignments, often in the form of a rotation to another organization in the sponsoring agency.  This provides the Fellow with a broader perspective of the operation and the sponsor with several work products. Organizations can sponsor more than one Fellow from one or both programs at a time.

Selecting a Fellow for your Organization

In past years, we’d typically select 35-45 finalists.  This best-guess approach unwittingly resulted in a lot talent stranded on the sidelines—very able contributors who we did not select solely out of fear of having too much “supply” without enough insight into potential sponsor “demand”.

We are altering our approach in 2017.   

Our recruitment of Fellows will change from selecting a discrete number of finalists.  Instead we will concentrate on assembling a roster or registry of highly qualified and vetted conditional finalists who are prequalified and eligible for placement with our potential sponsors here in Oregon. The number of conditional finalists will not be capped.  

This talent group (the supply side of the registry) will ultimately find its correct size and composition by the selection decisions of the sponsor group (the demand side). This marketplace approach will showcase each Fellow's credentials to sponsoring agencies that are seeking specific competencies. Under this new design, potential sponsors can shop online to identify Fellowship candidates who have been pre-screened and qualified.  Working through PSU’s Center for Public Services, sponsors and conditional finalists can then be introduced for direct interviews, discussion, interaction, assessment for fit, and selection once both parties agree to proceed. 


Once a Fellow-Sponsor match is made, CPS completes the desired transaction by providing the “delivery platform” — the Fellowship — to formalize the 10-week Fellowship or 8-month residency.  The Fellowship is formalized as an interagency agreement between PSU and the sponsor. 


Prospective sponsors are strongly encouraged to enroll in The Oregon Talent Marketplace before our class of 2017 conditional finalists are chosen in early February 2017. Those who sign up before January 31,  2017 will get “Early Bird" priority in reviewing and selecting from the roster of candidates before the process is opened up to all entities on February 13, 2017.