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Our Request

Find us your top students! Qualify their level of interest and suitability for the specific Fellows program.

You can point them to this website or put them in touch with us if they have questions or would like more information.

You can also request a live conference call with program officials if you have multiple candidates who would like to participate in a question and answer session.

Qualifying Students

We are looking for highly talented, imaginative and energetic graduate students who are committed to public service.

The program seeks a culturally and experientially diverse applicant pool.

International Students

Foreign students are eligible, provided they are properly credentialed to study, work, travel, and live in the United States through September 30, 2017 for the Oregon Fellows Program and February 28, 2018 for the Hatfield Resident Fellows Program.  However, the student should contact the program coordinator early in the process to make certain the proper arrangements have been made.