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Faculty Exchange

The Hatfield School and the Center for Public Service host faculty members from Lanzhou University as visiting scholars or through training programs. They sit in classes to learn from their peers at Portland State, engage in language improvement activities, and exchange insights and ideas about research programs. Meanwhile, they enjoy all the fun and beautiful scenic views Portland offers!


The School of Management at Lanzhou University invites faculty members from the Hatfield School and the Center for Public Service each year to teach courses and give seminars to undergraduate and graduate students. While in Lanzhou, our faculty are actively involved in Ph.D. students advising and junior faculty development discussion. The actitives also include conducting workshops and field trips for the joint research agenda and participating, presenting at academic forums and conferences.

Lanzhou University has appointed two professors from the Hatfield School/Center for Public Service as their visiting faculty: Dr. Douglas Morgan and Dr. Gary Larsen.



- Public Budgeting (Douglas Morgan)

- Leadership and Government Performance (Douglas Morgan)

- Research Design and Methods (Masami Nishishiba)

- Analytic Methods in Public Administration (Masami Nishishiba)

- Public Policy: Theory and Practice (Gary Larsen)



- Economic Independence: How to Preserve the Best of the Past (Douglas Morgan, December 2013)

- The Challenge of Measuring Government Performance: Better Together (Douglas Morgan, December 2013)

- Leadership for the Public Good: What Are the Centrals? (Douglas Morgan, December 2013)

- New Challenges for Public Leadership (Gary Larsen, September 2013)

- High Performance Leadership in Government (Gary Larsen, September 2013)

- Leadership for the 21 Century: An example of Mt. Hood National Forest (Gary Larsen, October 2012)

- A Value-Based Model for Performance Management (Douglas Morgan, January 2012)

- New Public Governance: Challenges for Future Leadership (Douglas Morgan and Gary Larsen, June 2011)