Professional Certificate in Emergency Leadership & Community Resilience

The Professional Certificate in Emergency Leadership and Community Resilience provides a foundation in the core concepts, contemporary practices, and theories of emergency preparation, response, and recovery. The courses offered through this program provide state-of-the art education, tools, and skills to effectively manage emergencies.

A Whole-Community Approach

The program is specifically designed to improve the leadership capabilities of those responsible for planning for, mitigating against, responding to, or recovering from emergencies. The certificate emphasizes leadership skills needed to effectively operate within and across multi-institutional environments prior to, during and post-incident. The program will benefit professionals working in the field of emergency management, persons who have assumed emergency management tasks in addition to their primary work functions, and those who wish to enter the growing field of emergency management. Students from public, private, and non-profit sectors will benefit from their experience in the program.

Formerly known as the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Leadership Program, the faculty have retailored the curriculum to focus more on leadership at the individual, agency and community level.

Program Update

Please note: The Emergency Leadership and Community Resilience program has been put on hiatus.




Dan Trifone
Program Coordinator