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Dissolving Complex Problems in the New Energy Economy

Course Highlights:

  • Learn what a system is, the main characteristics of the systems approach and the basics of the language of systems dynamics.
  • Learn how to develop Causal Loop Diagrams and be able to tell the story of how the structure of a system generates its behavior and outcomes.
  • Learn tools to inquire into mental models, beliefs, and assumptions.
  • Learn how to find leverage points in the structure of a system and how to redesign a system’s structure in such a way as to better achieve desired outcomes while minimizing the risk of creating unintended consequences.
  • Explore common trends (i.e., archetypes) influencing performance in the electric energy system.
  • Learn to identify structural conflicts and be able to re-frame them as creative tension.
  • Learn how to develop a vision statement and related outcomes and goals.
  • Be cognizant of the components of a transformative generative process and the role of the leader in facilitating change.


Day 1

Morning: Systems Thinking – An Approach to Complexity

  • Introduction to the Systems Approach
  • Beyond Events: Understanding Systemic Patterns of Behavior
  • The Language of System Dynamics
  • The Systems Thinking Method

Afternoon: The Power of Intangible Structures

  • Introduction to mental models

Day 2

Morning: Drawing Our Way to Clarity with Systems Modeling

  • Visualizing a system in causal loop
  • Finding Leverage Points in a System’s Structure
  • Strategies and Interventions
  • Learning from Archetypes: Story, Behavior Over Time, Interventions

Afternoon: The Transformative Generative Process

  • From Structural Conflict to Creative Tension
  • Vision Statement, Outcomes and Goals
  • Addressing Adaptive Challenges and the Role of Leadership

About the Instructors:

Pamela Morgan is Graceful Systems’ Principal Consultant.  She has over 20 years of experience working with the electric utility industry with responsibilities that included management of all aspects of state and federal economic regulation, resource planning, federal legislative affairs, and corporate communications.

Beatrice Benne, Ph.D., is Soma-Integral Consulting Principal Consultant.  She has over 15 years of strategy development and management experience.  She brings to her clients a broad range of skills and expertise including systems thinking, change management, leadership capacity development and work process performance improvement.