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Claudia Maria Vargas

Professor of Public Administration




Dr. Vargas' extensive teaching experience includes international and comparative education and comparative health care systems to advance understanding of the health needs of refugees and immigrants, and sustainable development implementation.  She has been a consultant with the United Nations on sustainable development.

Research Focus & Interests

Dr. Vargas publishes in a number of literatures, with substantive work in sustainable development, women in sustainable development, refugee service delivery, disability and health, complementary therapies for survivors of tortures. In the field of disabilities, the focus of her work has been on interdisciplinarity, family-centered care, cultural competence, and community engagement.  With government, nonprofit organizations, and community members, she has led community engagement efforts which have been documented in articles published in ICMA’s PM Magazine and the Maternal and Child Health Journal.  Her work reaches from local community development in Oregon to international sustainable development consultation with the United Nations and international nonprofit organizations.


Dr. Vargas' publications include a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals and four books:  

  • Sustainable Development Under Crisis Conditions (Co-authored) (2008).
  • Caring for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Families (Lead Editor), (2004).
  • Implementing Sustainable Development (Co-authored) (2004).
  • Implementing Sustainable Development Administration (Co-Editor) (1995).