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Areas of Expertise

Specific engagements are listed according to their primary attributes; however, in many cases, a given project contains multiple elements. 

Organizational Assessment and Development

Organizational assessment and development services provide our partners with analyses and recommendations for how to develop high-performance organizations and better achieve the organizational core mission and program objectives. Organizational assessment engagements often involve stakeholder interviews, best practices-focused research, and surveys. CPS also assists our partners in leader coaching, managing projects, and provide facilitating workshops. Recent examples include:

  • Diversity and cultural inclusion assessment (Clackamas County, City of Longview, Portland Police Bureau) 
  • Strategic functional analysis and operational review (State of Oregon Dept. of Education, Oregon Correction Enterprise, Oregon Liquor Control Commission).
  • Municipal government energy conservation and sustainability-based strategies for cost reduction (City of Albany, City of Independence, Yamhill County). 
  • Employee satisfaction survey (State of Oregon Dept. of Administrative Services) 
  • Diversity training needs assessment (Wagner College, NY)
  • Project and program management (City of Portland Innovation Fund ) 
  • Human resource management and coaching (City of Lake Oswego, City of Portland)

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    Program and Services Effectiveness Evaluation

    These engagements help our partners determine the impact and effectiveness of specific programs and policy initiatives, using both quantitative and qualitative tools. Examples include:

    • Evaluation of Gateway Center for Domestic Violence 
    • Customer survey (State of Oregon Dept. of Administrative Services)
    • Evaluation of Clackamas County’s four-day work week pilot project (Clackamas County)
    • Evaluation of “Nurturing Cultural Competence in Nursing” program (Oregon Center for Nursing) 
    • Vehicle fleet usage assessment (Clackamas County)

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    Strategic Planning 

    Working closely with partners, these engagements typically provide our partners with plans with 3 to 5 year time horizon to help them identify key initiatives and specific goals and map out specific strategies to achieve them. Example of partners for this type of engagements are:

    • Clackamas County Dept. of Emergency Management
    • City of Medford Police Dept.
    • Regional Fire Training Division (Kirkland, Redmond & Woodinville Washington) 
    • Multnomah County Drainage Districts
    • US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Bonneville Power Administration

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      Citizen Participation and Community Engagement

      CPS assists our clients in their effort to develop and implement effective strategies in promoting citizen participation and community engagement. Examples include:

      • Organizing “Multicultural Community Forum” (City of Beaverton)
      • Community needs assessment for inclusive outreach and diversity development (Tualatin Hills Park & Recreational District)
      • Community engagement for the Port of Portland’s Portland Harbor Clean-up Project 
      • Facilitating community engagement in Portland Public School District’s boundary review

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        Professional and Leadership Training 

        CPS develops and implements custom-designed training programs that focus on enhancing professional and leadership skills. Most of the trainings are co-produced with our partners, incorporating their training needs and helping them develop their in-house training capacity. Examples include: 

        • Custom-designed Leadership Development training programs. Partners include:
          • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
          • Bonneville Power Administration
          • Clackamas County
          • Association of Oregon Counties
          • State of Oregon
          • U.S. State Department
        • Collaborative decision-making training for natural resource challenges
        • Collaborative governance workshops
        • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training
        • Culturally mindful leadership training
        • Elected official leadership training and workshops
        • Emergency leadership and community resilience training
        • “Boot camps” for nonprofit directors
        • Executive Master of Public Administration degree program
        • Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Fundraising (in partnership with the Willamette Valley Development Officers)
        • Professional and leadership training program for international public administrators. Partners include: 
          • The Tokyo Foundation, Japan
          • Ho Chi Minh Academy, Vietnam
          • Seoul Metropolitan Government, South Korea
          • Lanzhou University, China
          • El Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, 
          • U.S. State Department

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        Policy Analysis and Research

        Capitalizing on its affiliation to the University, CPS conducts policy analysis and research for our partners and the general public. Examples include:

        • Total employer cost of compensation study
        • Value-based comparison of public employee pension benefits in Oregon, Washington, Idaho.
        • Fire and emergency services operating costs and efficiencies assessment (City of Fairview, City of Troutdale, City of Wood Village)

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          Talent Development

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