School Counseling - Program of Study

Track I and Track II requirements

Track I is for individuals who can document two or more years of successful teaching experience in Oregon schools or in out-of-state public or accredited private schools. Track I students complete 90 credits that include 6 credits of electives to be arranged with your advisor. (For more information on teaching experience requirement, please contact TSPC directly and/or consult TSPC OAR 584-044-0011.)

Track II is designed for individuals who cannot document two years of prior teaching experience. TSPC requires students to complete the entire program before being eligible for an initial license. Track II students complete 90 credits that include a 6 credit, 200 clock-hour teaching practicum as part of their program.

The program of study leading to a MA or MS in Education: Counseling includes the following 84 credits plus 6 credits of electives for Track I, or 6 credits of teaching practicum for Track II to reach 90 credits:

Program of Study

Sequence of Courses

Field Placement

Students are required to complete an application prior to their field placement.