School Counseling Program

The School Counseling Program prepares individuals to serve as counselors in public or private schools at levels K-12.The School Counseling Program at Portland State University is designed to prepare knowledgeable and competent professional school counselors who: (1) advocate, care, and support for all students, (2) engage in participatory leadership to help all students reach high academic expectations, (3) collaborate with others in and beyond their school communities to ensure opportunities for meaningful participation and growth for all students, and (4) commit to lifelong professional development.

We prepare professional school counselors to develop comprehensive school counseling programs based on the American School Counselor Association National Model, Oregon's Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Framework, and Oregon's Teacher Standards and Practices Commission school counselor competencies. We teach school counselors to actively engage as self-reflexive practitioners in developing and evaluating counseling programs and educational practices that promote teaching effectiveness, community responsibility, and social justice. We are guided by Oregon's Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Framework to enhance the learning of all students by integrating academic, career, personal /social development, and community involvement. We promote collaboration between school counselors and other professionals to create learning communities where students are engaged as learners, passionate about what they do, and empowered as people. We are informed by a vision for school counselors that defines five school counselors competencies: (1) leadership, (2) advocacy, (3) teaming and collaboration, (4) counseling and coordination, and (5) assessment and use of data. The counseling emphasis in schools is on facilitating the growth and development of all students, in delivering services that facilitate learning and in providing assistance for crisis situations. We believe these competencies are necessary in removing barriers to student achievement. 

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