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Practicum is a critical component of PSU's Counselor Education Program. During their practicum tenure, students are able to receive direct, one-on-one supervision while working with clients in PSU's Community Counseling Clinic, which offers low cost counseling to the public. This provides students with an intensive, experiential training before they begin their internship work at an outside agency.

Students are enrolled in the practicum for two terms beginning either fall or spring quarter of their second year, directly followed by two terms of practicum as a peer advisor.

Application Process

  • Students must apply for the practicum spring quarter of the year they will begin and indicate their practicum group (group A: fall/winter or group B: spring/summer).
  • Assignments to the practicum sections, to fulfill the one-credit Intern Supervising Service requirement, are also done at this time. Therefore when selecting a practicum section, keep in mind that you will be committed to that section for a total of 4 terms.
  • You will receive e-mail notice of when the practicum application is available on Tk20 during spring quarter.

Practicum Prerequisites

1. Prerequisite coursework (Please check current practicum application packet for updated prerequisites.)

  • You must be able to document completion of the following courses before practicum enrollment is guaranteed. Remember all Incompletes ("I"s) in practicum prerequisites must be removed prior to enrollment in the practicum. Concurrent enrollment in COUN 543 Interpersonal Relations II is mandatory with Counseling 509 Practicum. An "I" in this course will result in withdrawal from COUN 509 Practicum: Counseling.

COUN 509 Practicum: Group
COUN 510 Abnormal Personalities
COUN 541 Introduction to Counseling
COUN 543 Interpersonal Relations II
COUN 551 Theories and Interventions I
COUN 566 Appraisal Instruments
COUN 567 Using Tests in Counseling
COUN 569 Developmental Foundations of Counseling
COUN 571 Group Counseling
COUN 585 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning I

  • If you plan to counsel families or couples for your MFT license, you should have completed six (6) credits in Marital, Couple and Family course work prior to Practicum.

2. Personal counseling and ETC requirement

  • Before the beginning of the practicum sequence, students must complete 10 hours of individual counseling, as well as 10 hours of the Experiential Training Clinic (ETC) experience (information about ETC will be available at the new student orientation). Documentation of this experience is required at the time of the first meeting of fall practicum.
  • Signed documentation of individual counseling sessions must be submitted by 1st day of practicum, on providing counselor's letterhead.

3. Professional association membership and insurance requirements

  • Each student must hold professional liability insurance in effect prior to, and during, fall quarter enrollment in the practicum and in the internship.
  • School counselors who have OEA/NEA insurance need to seek clarification of coverage for work in the clinic at PSU.

4. All students are required to provide proof of liability insurance as they begin the practicum.