PSU's Art Collection
Author: Josh Gates, Student Art Coordinator
Posted: May 3, 2019

Portland State University's collection of art spans the entire campus - from the large-scale sculptural works amidst the Park Blocks to the paintings that decorate the halls of our buildings, this body of work is expansive, diverse, and growing! Featuring artists such as Nick Cave, Gwen Davidson, Molly Dilworth, and Tom Hardy, the collection reflects Portland State's interest in both local and international art practices.

With over 200 works, PSU’s art collection includes generous donations by community members, commissions through the Oregon Percent for Art program, and works by artists with close ties to the university.

There are many works of art from the university’s collection and the School of Art + Design collection that are available to be placed around campus. Most of the works are paintings and handmade prints including pieces by former undergraduate and graduate students, current and former faculty. Ideal homes for art are common indoor areas such as study lounges, foyers, hallways, conference rooms and reception areas.

To view the available works, please take a look at our Available Art Folder which includes images, dimensions and narratives.

If you are interested in placing art in your department, please contact Sarah Kenney and Josh Gates at Sarah and Josh can also assist you if you have PSU-owned art work that you would like to return to the collection, or if you would like labels for the art in your space.

Available works include: Steve Williams, Untitled, Oil on canvas, 53" x 60" 

Untitled painting by Steve Williams