How projects are created


The division of Space Planning and Design assists the campus community and local stakeholders in addressing a variety of campus long range and short range land use topics.

University land use planning is conducted by the Campus Planning Office

Portland State University has a long history of preparing developing and implementing comprehensive plans for the orderly physical development of the campus. Historic structures on the Portland State campus fall under the jurisdiction of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), which works closely with the City of Portland Historic Resource and Preservation division.

In 1995 the University District was formed, establishing land use policies to create a mixed-use University anchored community dedicated to life time learning. The University District policies are implemented through the City of Portland Central City Plan District and related requirements of the City of Portland Planning and Zoning code. The division of Space, Planning and Design maintains maps of the basic land use regulations to assist in development planning.

Detailed property and property related land-use information is available through The City of Portland, Portland Maps.

In 2010, the University, in collaboration with the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and the Portland Development Commission, prepared an Economic Impact Report and University District Framework Plan to guide current master planning of the campus area.