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#PSU25K Facebook Fans Tribute: 25 PSU Biggest Fans

  To celebrate Portland State University's 25,000 Facebook milestone, we introduce 25 of our       biggest fans. They are students, alumni, staff and fans who exemplify PSU pride. With nearly     30,000 students, over 120,000 alumni around the world, and a rapidly growing online       community, we hope as many former, current and future Vikings to find themselves in the   words and stories of these 25 PSU fans. 


  Are you one of Portland State's biggest fans too? We want to hear from you. Join PSU's       growing award-winning social media community -- from Facebook to Instagram to Tumblr --     and connect. Share your story by sending us a tweet, Instagramming a photo, or writing       us a Facebook post with the hashtag #PSU25K