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SightLine Applications: Get Onboard with Better Video
SightLine Applications: Get Onboard with Better Video

SightLine Applications, a Portland State University Business Accelerator company-in-residence since July 2011, delivers cutting-edge on-board video processing systems.  SightLine Applications' products are DSP-based embedded systems, well-suited for airborne and ground video ISR applications which demand high performance in a small, light, low-power packages. The SightLine Applications team has extensive experience in unmanned systems and image processing solutions and understands the importance of technical support and being a part of customers’ development and integration teams.

It is SightLine Application’s mission to provide the best embedded video processing solutions to customers. The best solutions involve proven, robust algorithms implemented on hardware platforms tailored to specific applications. SightLine Applications’ on-board video processing systems provides access to better quality video, video input, output, control and communications, rapid development and customization, and are proven with over 1500 systems deployed to date.

Aside from being a Business Accelerator company-in-residence, SightLine Applications has worked with PSU undergraduate business capstone teams and a PSU undergraduate engineering capstone team.

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