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Paula Harris International Student Aid Fund
Paula Harris International Student Aid Fund

Paula Harris, a beloved International Student Advisor in the Office of International Student and Scholar Services, sadly passed away July 2018. During her 20 year career at PSU, she was a steadfast supporter of our international student population. To honor Paula and acknowledge her passion for helping students, ISSS has renamed their student emergency fund in her honor. 

Please consider making a donation through the PSU Foundation to the Paula Harris International Student Aid Fund 
These funds provide cash assistance to international students who find themselves in a temporary period of economic hardship while here at PSU. Paula helped countless students acheive their goals at PSU, and we hope to see this fund continue as a lasting tribute to her memory.

background on Paula--

Paula began her career working with people from other cultures when she lived in South Africa in 1981-1982. She later served as a Peace Corps Volunteer assigned to the Ministry of Education in Botswana from 1988-1991 and also lectured at the Botswana Institute for Administration and Commerce. In addition to her travels in southern Africa, she also traveled throughout Asia. 

“Every day at work is like a trip around the world,” Paula described her job to others. The opportunity to work with Portland State’s more than 2,300 international students allowed her insight into a fascinating range of cultural perspectives. 

Paula earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi and her master’s from Oregon State University. But she said her greatest life education are the lessons learned in her international travels and interactions with other cultures. “Those educational experiences truly are irreplaceable.”