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Matt Sedor
Matt Sedor

Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Shattuck Hall 235

Master of Architecture, Portland State University, 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design, Montana State University, 2010

The son of a carpenter and an artist, Matt grew up in Northern Minnesota. After bouncing around the American West for a few years after high school, he moved to Bozeman, Montana, to pursue a career in design and Architecture. Convinced he was a small town kind of a guy, he took a "why not" internship at an architecture firm in New York City. Much to his surprise, he found the culture of city life to be a lot of fun and moved to Portland, Oregon, to pursue his Master’s degree in Architecture at Portland State University. Upon graduation, he accepted a position at SRG Partnership in Portland. Matt is interested in notions of temporality in architecture and also curiously explores the junction of digital design, fabrication, and the making of things. This currently manifests itself in the design and fabrication of surfboards as well as Toyota van mechanics and accommodations.