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Hassan Al Ghanam
Hassan Al Ghanam

His Excellency, Hassan Abdullah Al Ghanim Al Maadeed was born in Doha, Qatar in 1958. He is married and the father of four sons and one daughter.

Hassan came to the United States in 1980, just 9 years after he country became a sovereign state. He was among the first batch of Qatari students sent to Portland State University, determined by the Qatari government to be a safe location for their students because of the existence of the PSU Middle East Studies Center and the quality of life in the City of Portland.

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Hassan went to work for in the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served in Washington, DC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as Director for International Organizations in Qatar. He remained on track in that discipline for 19 years, until in 1999, when the Emir of Qatar appointed him as Minister of Justice, a position he held for fourteen years. During that same year, Hassan was made part of the committee, which drafted the first permanent constitution for the State of Qatar.

In 2000, PSU began its efforts in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, GCC, (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar) to reconnect with its large number of alumni and to establish academic programs for PSU students to visit the GCC. Hassan stepped forward to help establish the PSU GCC Alumni Association and became its chairman. Leading with a personal gift of his own, he raised funds from his fellow alumni for the Middle East Studies Center at PSU and for graduate level international field experience courses in the GCC for PSU students. He has led annual PSU GCC alumni reunions rotating among the GCC countries for the last 10 years. 2014 will be held in Oman.

Hassan retired from the Ministry of Justice in 2013 and is currently involved in commercial real estate development and private philanthropy in Qatar.