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APDM: delivering movement monitoring solutions.
APDM: delivering movement monitoring solutions.

Offering advanced inertial measurement units and the first and only portable gait and balance laboratory made for clinicians and therapists, APDM provides solutions for assessment and monitoring of movement disorders that will optimize therapy, accelerate clinical trials, and improve quality of life.

Founded in 2007 by PSU Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, James McNames and his associates, Mateo Aboy, and Andrew Greenberg, APDM develops technologies for monitoring human movement with wearable sensors. APDM has since grown into a team of experts in embedded systems, signal processing, physical therapy, and web-based data management, and has collaborated with scientists, faculty, and clinicians at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland State University, and Oregon Institute of Technology.

Using technology developed in part at PSU, APDM offers three inertial monitors: Sapphires, Emeralds, and Opals. These wireless, wearable monitors are roughly the size of a wrist watch, durable with a long battery life, and designed to precisely record movement with a complete kinematic sensor suit. APDM also offers the Mobility Lab, a portable gait and balance laboratory that makes it easy for clinicians and therapists to collect, analyze, and store data collected by the inertial monitors wirelessly and from any location. APDM provides integration of their Opal monitoring device into any research system already in place, the development of customized solutions to support clinical studies, and the integration and customization of APDM’s Mobility Exchange, a Clinical Data Management System designed to support multi-site clinical studies of movement with a variety of devices.

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