Spring Courses 2020

CR 299                 Introduction to Hate Studies

CR 301U              Introduction to Conflict Resolution

CR 303U              Consensus Building

CR 304U              Participating in Democracy

CR 305U              Ecology of War and Peace

CR 306U              Nonviolence: History and Campaigns

CR 310U              CR Ethics and Values

CR 311U              CR Psychology

CR 312                 Intercultural Conflict Resolution

CR 314                 Introduction to Restorative Justice

CR 410/510         Holocaust and Genocide Studies

CR 410/510         Environmental CR

CR 410/510         Peacebuilding

CR 410/510         Mediation

CR 411                 CR Career Preparation

CR 420/520         Reconciliation Processes

CR 439                 Family Mediation (2 cr)

CR 440                 Peer Mediation (2 cr)

CR 526                 Advanced Intercultural CR

CR 530                 Research and Professionalization Colloquium (1 cr)