Rachel Halfrida Cunliffe

Contact Information:

503-725-9195 (office)

Market Center Building (MCB)
Suite MCB 131
1600 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201​​​​​​​
Office Hours: By Arrangement

Courses Taught

Crimes against Humanity
Death Sentencing
Death Penalty Worldwide
Human Rights and Crime Control
Restorative Justice
Comparative Restorative Justice
Controversial Topics in Restorative Justice
Interpersonal Neurobiology of Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice and Criminal Justice
Learning and the Brain: the Interpersonal Neurobiology of Education
Introduction to Conflict Resolution
Thesis Project Prep Seminar (co-facilitator)


Academic Career

MA. Cambridge University, England (Social and Political Science)
Teaching qualification, Manchester University, England (Teacher of the Deaf)
M.Ed. University of Minnesota, (Educational Psychology/Reading
Ph.D. University of Arizona (Special Education and Rehabilitation/Language, Reading and Culture)

Although I have been teaching about education subjects since 1984, criminal justice activism brought me to a research agenda related to the death penalty in Oregon in the late 90s. I began teaching courses about what I had learned as an adjunct in 2004. My interest is in restorative and non-violent responses to extreme violence. I run a Compassionate Listening Project with those entangled in the death penalty system. I am also a trained mediator and facilitate victim-offender meetings. I facilitate Circles of various kinds (in particular healing, talking, learning). I also supervise student field experience.

My research interests include restorative androgogies, online education, restorative justice, program evaluation and the death penalty. Making quilts is for me a metaphor for the stitching we of our lives to each others' - one stitch at a time - making beautiful designs which can only be fully appreciated when we are together.


"Become an expert in the art of discovering the good in every person; no one is entirely bad. Become an expert in the art of finding the truthful core in views of every kind; the human mind abhors total error."
- Dom Helder Camara

Personal Statement

I believe that hate and our desire for violence largely arises from the frustration of unmet needs. If we can respectfully listen attentively to one another we can collaborate to address critical needs not just for social justice but also for social connection. This is the foundation for sustainable life, locally, nationally and globally.